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Estelite Omega is the newest in luxury and innovation, created for the artist within you. Estelite Omega is an elite universal, 100% spherically filled supra-nano composite with a filler weight of 82% (78% volume). Conceptualized and crafted to be specifically used with the next stage in esthetic restorations, Estelite Omega is the ultimate composite system to perform the latest in layering techniques. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Newton Fahl, Jr.

Estelite Omega comes to you with praise amongst leading and esteemed doctors in the dental industry. With only 11 shades, your boundaries to perfect your masterpiece are limitless. Finally, a brilliant composite to showcase your creativity and elevate your art!

  • Available in 11 Shades “Do More with Less”
  • Optimal Esthetics
  • Outstanding Polishability
  • Exceptional Gloss Retention
  • 90 Sec. Working Time
  • Quick Curing Time
  • High Flexural and Compressive Strength
  • Anterior and Posterior Restorations
  • Composite Veneer
  • Diastema Closure
  • Composite/Porcelain Repair
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